The Vim Interactive Company

On the Internet, change is the only constant and we embrace it with open arms. Our enthusiasm is backed by our knowledge and experience to provide you with a web presence that satisfies your requirements and meets today's web standards. Allow us to missionize that last statement:

Vim Interactive delivers online solutions built on best practices that meet the standards of our clients and today's web.

Why Work with Vim?

Our hope is that from the moment you meet us, you’ll realize we’re on your team to make your project a success. Our attention to detail and committment to communication is why our clients have loved us since 2005. Our values have carried us to where we are today:

  • Honesty and transparency.
  • Answering the phone and communicating promptly.
  • Educating clients and explaining our process.
  • Building relationships.
  • Taking pride in our work.
  • Making you money.
  • Having fun!

What's in a Name?

For having only 3 letters, the word vim causes a lot of confusion. It's often mistaken as an acronym and is constantly misspelled as "vin" over the phone no matter how many times we shout VICTOR-INDIGO-MICHAEL! It represents our approach to servicing clients by setting the stage for successful projects and interactions.