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We here at Vim Interactive recently brought on some talented folks: Sarah Jones, Community Manager and Dan Blake, Senior Front End Developer. These guys bring a lot to the table (Sarah comes from TwitPic and Dan comes from the Berndt Group) and they know how to have a good time. We’re very excited about having them on board! They’re out and about a lot so, if you see Sarah or Dan, say hey or follow them on Twitter at @sj843 and @designbyblake, respectively.

Introduction time, ladies first.


Sarah Jones Community Manager Vim Interactive

Vim: What is a day in the life of Sarah?

Sarah: Right now, most of my time is spent building a solid foundation of Baltimore tech knowledge. Having just moved back into town, I try and get in the loop by researching who’s who, what’s what, and local hot spots to check out.  The rest of my day is spent managing social media, getting schooled in Tech 101, writing blogs, attending cool events, attending Meetups, eventually organizing Refresh Baltimore and anything else the guys need help with.  Basically, I'm here to support and represent VIM to the fullest.

Sarah Jones book shelf

Vim: How about the weekend, how do you like to spend your time/favorite hangouts etc?

Sarah: I’m all about exploring different neighborhoods (hoping to move downtown soon), catching up with old friends, making new ones, and spending time with family. On Sundays you can find me down around M&T tailgating and watching the game with friends. Nothing beats Bmore on game day.

Vim: What kinds of things were you doing before Vim?

Sarah: Hustling. I worked in the hospitality industry through college and after an internship tapping into videography interests, I started a video blog.  ‘All Over It’ is a platform promoting and supporting all things local and progressive in the Charleston, SC community. I worked with a couple startups and eventually, the opportunity to work at Twitpic came along. Before I knew it, I was pioneering the Community Management position there, working weekends on a food truck.

Vim: What are you most excited about in working at Vim?

Sarah: One thing I’m really excited about is bringing back/organizing Refresh Baltimore. I have a lot of cool ideas for Refresh and am looking forward to bringing them into fruition.  I'm stoked to get my feet wet in event planning, give direction on the website with the team,  and ultimately give back to the Baltimore tech community.  I’m a big believer in collaboration, especially in an environment as forward-thinking as Baltimore. 

Vim: What are your thoughts on the tech community here in Baltimore?

Sarah: There are a lot of super talented people here. It seems to be growing and people are really coming together, learning from one another and are about to take Baltimore to a whole other level.

Now, for Dan…(same questions)…

Daniel Blake front-end developer at Vim Interactive

Vim: What is a day in the life of Dan?

Dan: Once I'm at the office, I check email and get the coffee started if there is none ready. I spend my day writing HTML, CSS & JavaScript with the occasional game of Ping Pong worked in. After work, I usually head home take care of the pets and start cooking dinner for myself and my girlfriend, who almost always gets home later than me.

Vim: How about the weekend, how do you like to spend your time/favorite hangouts etc?

Dan: On the weekends when it is nice out, I'll head out to do some trail running at Gun Powder in the morning. Saturdays are usually filled with house chores; the house is a work in progress. At least one afternoon or evening of the weekend is spent doing something fun with my girlfriend, this ranges from a night out to drinks on the porch or whatever strikes our fancy. Sundays, we try to get up to go to the farmer's market and get some Zeke’s coffee. If I play my cards right, we'll go to Max's Taphouse in Fell's Point afterwards. I'm a big craft beer geek and love to drink the great local beers, Baltimore has a lot of them and none of them are called Natty Boh.

Dan Blake's Toys at Vim Interactive

Vim: What kinds of things were you doing before Vim?

Dan: I've been in this industry for 10 years now and worked at a few different companies in the area. I worked for 3.5 years at a check printing company building and maintaining various websites. After that I worked for 4 years at another great Baltimore web agency, the Berndt Group. I got to work on some great projects with them and really grow my skillset. I eventually left to go work at a growing Baltimore tech company but the job wasn't right for me and when the opportunity to come to VIM presented itself, I jumped at it.

Vim: What are you most excited about in working at Vim?

Dan: I've know Steve (one of VIM's partners) for 8 years and we became friends before he started doing any real web work. Over the those years I've done the occasional freelance project for VIM (or the previous incarnations of the company) and watched them grow from a 2 person team working out of a shed behind Steve's house to the company it is today. I've consistently been impressed with the work that VIM has produced and always thought very highly of the other team members. When VIM approached me to join the company, I was very humbled and excited. It is nice when you wake up in the morning and are excited to go to work because you genuinely love what you do and who you spend the day with.

Vim: What are your thoughts on the tech community here in Baltimore?

Dan: Baltimore as a city has gotten a bad reputation over the years for bad schools, violent crime, drugs and a slew of other things. People outside Baltimore look at shows like Homicide or The Wire and see that as a true representation of the city. Those shows were great but only tell one part of the larger story that is Baltimore. The tech community here is awesome; it is full of smart passionate people that are building some pretty amazing products and companies. The thing that I find exciting is, a lot of the people love Baltimore and are doing things to try to improve the city. I see lots of collaborating going on and people are just generally excited about the future.

There you have it, folks! On behalf of everyone here at Vim, we are excited to have Sarah and Dan onboard. Look for some amazing things out of both of them to come!

Vim Interactive in the Seventies. Styling!

(Don't ask)

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