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Last Thursday was really something.  Having just moved back home to Baltimore, I have a lot to learn about our city and Thursday was the perfect opportunity to do so.  

My day started off at the monthly Tech Breakfast, an 'adult show and tell' of sorts allowing local techies to show off some cool projects they've been working on.  Compaines and concepts included Social Toaster, SickWeather, Mailstrom, BetaPunch, and SmartTogether.  Each presentation focused on simplifying tasks, getting organized, and learning something new.  Nothing like a little enlightment and inspiration to set the day off.

After breakfast, I asked around for some coffee spot recommentdations with the intentions of exploring around town, making connections, and picking up some free Wifi.  First stop, Boemian Coffee House in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District.  Right past Penn Station on N Charles Street lies a rainbow of murals, flyers, and creativy- sure to intrigure any cultured passerby.  After snaping a few pics and making a note of where Club Choices is (I've always wondered), I headed into the coffee house.  The nostalgia of the architecture and quirky design set the vibe and the locally roasted Zeke's coffee was on tap, I dug it.  So I sat for a while, befriended the owner, and added Bohemian Coffee House to my list of places to regularly swing through.. especially on those long days riding the train back and forth to DC.



I've been meaning to check out Hampden so, I headed over for lunch.  While crusing through the neighborhood, I stumbled upon one of the many walls from the Baltimore Love Project, a pleasant surprise.  Then I found Common Ground, a solid spot for coffee, coversation, and carbs.  With a line practically out the door, and two sandwich-savvy ladies behind the counter, I knew I was in for a treat.  I'll definitely be back next time I'm over that way, might even make a special trip.


Then it was off to the Lexington Market area for's first annual Tech Walk.. tt was fantastic.  A group of us met at the MTA Control Center, then headed over to the Baltimore City Police Citiwatch video control center.  While Lt Sam Hood explained the survalience system, I was following an investigation on the side.  Apparently, there was a robbery of sorts and a parked van was broken into.  While walking to our next destination, I saw the same van parked right where the robbery took place.  It was pretty neat to see the crime scene after the fact, all full circle and Wire-like.


I've always admired the Bromo Seltzer Tower from afar and never thought I'd have the opportunity to check it this close.  Kudos to for organizing the walk, I love behind the scenes stuff like this-- can't wait for the next one.


Next was Tech Night, a wonderfully orchestrated event catering to the local tech scene--  all sorts of fun things took place.

So yes, last Thursday was really something.  I met a lot of great people, made a few friends, and got to experience Baltimore on so many levels.  No matter how small 'Smaltimore' is, it seems there's always lot of awesome stuff worth checking out, music rolling through, and things to learn.  I pretty much fell in love with this city and can't wait to get back out there on another adventure.  

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