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My first couple weeks at Vim have been a good time, very educational, and I'm super stoked on what's to come.  The other day was quite the adventure as a few of us headed down to DC for the day.  While the guys were in and out of meetings all day, I setup shop at, a snazzy co-working space open to all walks of creative life.  Canvas is home base for some, like nclud and Mad Cap Coffee, and an inspirational stomping ground for others moving and shaking the DC scene.  Whether people are at their desks, buzzing the espresso machine, or on a conference call, everyone is doing work.  After hours the bikes start rolling out, the boardroom table flips into a serious ping-pong match, and locals start trailing in for the meetup of the night.  The vibe was right.


Canvas FTW

Business in the front, party in the back



Last night’s meetup was the monthly UX Show and Tell featuring our very own Pete Karabetis, Director of User Experience here at Vim.  Pete showcased an intense high-fidelity prototype project completed in Axure.  Other presenters included two very talented tech-savvy ladies, Christine Ryu and Brittany Mederos.  Christine told us all about redefining an e-commerce transaction for a major online store and Brittany showed us an extensive side project she’s working on – a responsive site for a local choir.  The 'show and tell' set up made it super easy to understand the layers of each project as everyone had something to learn.

Halloween was in the air and Pete took full advantage of the “costumes optional” note on the invite.  Even Tucker, the office pup, was scared of him.

Pete doing his makeup via photobooth

getting ready to present

Brittany Mederos, Christine Ryu, and Pete Karabetis.

After show and tell, everyone got the chance to hang out, connect faces with @Twitter names, and anticipate the next meetup, RefreshDC.. what ever fun event DC has in store.

So what did I take away from the day in DC?  I met a fellow College of Charleston grad turned Community Manager as well as a ton of talented creatives, designers, techies, entrepreneurs.. and got to kick it in their clubhouse.  Canvas is the name, making some serious progress is the game.  Well-played, DC. Can't wait to come back..

Headed back to Baltimore...

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